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Due to the importance of the upcoming Scottish Referendum on the future of Scotland, a brand new look featuring related content will appear on these pages. Latest article can now be seen HERE.

Welcome to Free The People

We apologise to all our regular readers and new visitors, for the ‘disappearance’ of our old web site, but a much more relevant site will be brought to you in the next few weeks, bringing many new articles and features on PRIVATE LAW and much downloadable content.

In the meantime the blog is still very active and the Scottish Preamble, Declaration and Constitution that will be presented to the people of Scotland (by the people of Scotland), on the 24th June 2014 near the site of the Battle of Bannockburn, will be amongst the first articles to appear on the web site. MORE DETAILS ON THIS SOON.


Read The New Article on ‘The Declaration of Scottish Independence’ HERE Available now!

See also the New Article on ‘A Written Constitution for Scotland’ HERE

Full Written Constitution now available.

See the BLOG for previous articles HERE

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NEW Article  on the blog HERE now! New Written  Scottish Constitution!

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