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This web site expresses my (James-Neely: Gillan), sole opinions on aspects of Scottish Common Law and Scottish Private Law, and also how they relate specifically to English Language countries like Australia, the UK, USA and Canada etc., with a nod to Scotland - where this Author resides. This web site then, should be seen as an extension of my personal blog, however, if I can help anyone even begin to understand the universal truth that, we (the people of the world), are being deceived on a massive scale (see also the quotations page for comment from some of the most influential men in history, and their views on this deception), then my main objective and this web sites raison d' être, will be fulfilled.

My main BLOG PAGES  where much more detail is given over to these matters and where you can also participate in the debate, is the main ‘hub’ for information on much. Much more.

Please be aware that this site is read by many people of all ages and all I ask is that, you refrain from too much Anglo Saxon usage and substitute less offensive language and respect the dignity and rights of others. I reserve the right to remove those posts which my Grand Children would find offensive!

Many people keep asking me does ' Scottish Common Law' really exist? Well, yes, of course it exists (as well as many other branches of law), and indeed it's used every day, here in this country and elsewhere. The question is not so much does it exist, but rather when is it applicable? For many people assume (and indeed you're led to believe), that, there is only one lawful jurisdiction that you're standing under at all times, and that's ' PUBLIC LAW'. This is however, not the case, as you will find out when you start to research this issue more for yourselves.

Common Law has existed for centuries, it's essentially judge made law (precedent), and if you should ever get into trouble with the police, perhaps injuring someone in Self Defence say - then in this example, you would be charged with committing a ' Common Law' offence.

Most people visiting this site though, are more likely to be interested in the many methods of applying Private Law (yes that does exist), to everyday problems instead of Public Law.

So what can we do to apply our real laws to everyday situations? Well, in order to answer that question, we need to understand the differences between  Rights and Privileges, a right is defined as inherent, irrevocable, an entitlement held by all citizens. A privilege is conditional and can be revoked. We need to have an understanding of our other rights too, including our Human Rights and our EU rights. Indeed our EU Rights (for those living in Scotland) are arguably the ONLY constitutional rights we do have (more on that within the blog pages), as the Magna Carta 1215 Treaty was written before we were ever part of the Union. and anyway, we retained our own systems of law, therefore it’s better to apply that instead.

I have supplied many useful links to other resources throughout this site, in order to aid you with regards to matters of law (as well as other interesting stuff!), so please try to research some of these sources. You will learn much, and the practicability of what you'll learn should quickly become apparent to you, and how you can  then use those research findings, to your own advantage.

I know that many people are suffering real hardship, and many are also facing financial ruin, what you will learn though, should help tip the balance back in your own favour. Please don't despair, don't bury your head in the sand, fight back. Much of what's happened to you is deception and fraud, once you understand the true meaning of Contracts, then your sense of freedom will start to grow. You will then be on the path to financial and real freedom.

William Wallace  (Scotland's great Lord High Protector and famous Freedom fighter), understood what real freedom meant for mankind, and soon so will you! Remember, slavery comes in many forms e.g. economic slavery. However, there are other kinds of Slavery, for Slavery still exists today, despite the fact that it is banned in most of the countries where it is still practised. It is also prohibited by the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 1956 UN Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery.

The Slave Trade and Institutions and Practices Similar to Slavery e.g. Women from eastern Europe are bonded into prostitution, children are trafficked between West African countries and men are forced to work as slaves on Brazilian agricultural estates.

Contemporary slavery then takes various forms and affects people of all ages, sex and race. Common characteristics distinguish slavery from other human rights violations. A slave is:-

forced to work -- through mental or physical threat;

owned or controlled by an employer, usually through mental or physical abuse or threatened abuse;

dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as 'property';

physically constrained or has restrictions placed on his/her freedom of movement.

From this definition we can see that many of us are indeed 'Slaves', but some of us are now beginning to awaken. However, If you've come here looking for quick answers, then the truth is there aren't any. Court action takes time, and in my own particular case, one action alone is in it's seventh year! However, take heart from the fact that many thousands of people are fighting back (and winning), this site will endeavour to show that success generally and my own action(s) in particular. Even where those actions have failed, as you can learn as much from failures as you can by your successes, sometimes more!

Written by

James-Neely: Gillan esq.

27th March 2014

Horace Greeley wrote of the National Bank Act in 1872:

“We have stricken the shackles from 4 million human beings and brought all laborers to a common level, not so much by the elevation of the former slaves as by practically reducing the whole working population, white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds, we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by our iniquitous system, we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery”

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